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Kill Your Friends by John Niven

Steven Stelfox - a totally evil immoral scheming villain with no redemptive features. So why did I find myself willing him on to success? This is a superbly funny expose of the music industry - can it really be this bad? - which I thoroughly enjoyed even when I was gasping at the sheer audacity of this man's idea of career progression.

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Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

An old-fashioned circus novel with plenty of action and excitement but few if any laughs and a love interest which is fraught with danger. The circus is something you either love or hate and your reaction to this novel will be influenced by these feelings – if you're squeamish about the treatment of performing animals, this might not be for you. Good descriptions of desperate men living through the economic turmoil of the American depression. A brutal era, powerfully drawn.

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A Deal with the Devil by Martin Suter

Not as straight forward as it first may appear. This story is a fast-paced mystery set in Switzerland where the characters come in and out of the action often to leave clues to the reader as to the mysterious goings-on. It will either leave you guessing or confused but, for sure, you will be intrigued.

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Just Like Tomorrow by Faiza Guene

You can't help but love Doria as she delivers her take on life on a Paris housing estate. Her future could seem rather bleak - her father has cleared off back to Morocco, she's going nowhere at school and her best friends are a druggy and a psychologist - but Doria doesn't let this get her down. Her voice is upbeat and funny but never cruel - and she sees through hypocrisy with a wisdom beyond her 15 years. Try this and she could just become your new best friend.

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