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A Fraction Of The Whole by Steve Toltz

This is a huge novel in terms of both size and breadth of content - it includes fire, prison escapes, fraud, murder, gunrunning and brothel keeping. It's not a traditional family saga but this biographical story is related by father and son in both real time and in reminiscence. A book not to be taken too seriously. It's very funny. I absolutely loved it. However, be warned, the author never uses one word if he can use ten!

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My Best Friend Has Issues by Laura Marney

How to describe it? Bridget Jones's fat girl angst meets a Moll Flanders romp through the fleshpots of Barcelona. There's lots of flesh and most of the characters are completely potty. And throw in a pinch of Becky Sharp to get a feel for the scheming amorality of it all. The only blameless character is Juegita, the dog, and even she managed to get up the duff somehow.

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The Resurrectionist by James Bradley

This is a very gruesome book - definitely not for the fainthearted. But if you can get past the gore it's a fascinating if bleak tale - and it definitely doesn't go where you expect it to.

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After River by Donna Milner

A sensitive but fast-moving plot of what happens when a happy-as-the-Waltons Canadian farming family is invaded by the Sixties - Vietnam, drugs and sexual freedom. Then, in the present, a reflective healing process for the wounds that the uncertainties and openness of that decade inflicted.

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