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This Breathing World by Jose Luis de Juan

As you are whisked between ancient Rome and 1950's Harvard be prepared to have all your ideas about history, literature and (especially) time severely challenged by this blackly comic yet murderous novel.

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Chez Moi by Agnes Desarthe

A sensory feast spills from the pages of this tale of a woman on the run who opens up a restaurant in her home in Paris. She hoards away the secrets and lies of her former life as she stumbles through the early stages of her new one, with a little help from some local misfits. Although there is the sense, at first, that this could be simply fluffy chick-lit, instead it becomes a quite serious and engrossing story of a life of nonconformity and self discovery.

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Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow

You will never have read anything quite like this, and not to read it means that you will miss out. The writing is superb, poetic, epic, enthralling. The story is a terrifying, breathtaking, adventure and love story, set in a Los Angeles plagued by murderous gangs of werewolves. And you will never guess the ending.

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A Kind of Vanishing by Lesley Thomson

I didn't like Alice, an unpleasant child, and I couldn't tell where she'd gone. I did like Eleanor, but she disappeared as well. And then one of them came back. The how and the where dance around with the who and the why to leave you dizzy and confused, certain that you know but then ultimately wrong. I was held in thrall by the developing story, never quite believing what I read until all the questions were answered and the truth was revealed.

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