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The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall

If you like the themes and talk of the new India spelled out for you in a gentle, funny, accessible way, and if you want the goondas to meet their just desserts, then this is for you. Vish Puri, founder and managing director of Most Private Investigators Ltd makes his debut in what will surely be the first of many cases.

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Mathilda Savitch by Victor Lodato

Written in Mathilda’s teenage voice, this is her very candid account of trying to come to terms with her sister’s death and its aftermath. While on her ‘island of grief’ she searches for the truth as well as negotiating life, which ultimately leads to her finding herself. Her matter-of-fact, and sometimes bittingly humorous, observations and actions come across as simplified, but at the same time enlightening. Makes for an interesting and bold read.

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The Stars in the Bright Sky by Alan Warner

Six alcohol-fuelled twenty-somethings plus one holiday equals a cracking weekend read. Down and dirty, perfectly pitched dialogue completes this addictive story of female friendship.

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Feed by Mira Grant

Imagine a dystopian world where whole areas are abandoned to the undead, and the living have the zombie virus sleeping inside them. Add a close knit, crazy team of blogging journalists who love to take risks, covering a Presidential election complete with the dirtiest of tricks. With plenty of zombie action to keep Zombiephiles happy, this is also a fast paced thriller with a technological slant, written in several voices, sometimes chilling, sometimes lyrical. So if you havent given in to the lure of the undead yet, take the plunge now!

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