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The Mill for Grinding Old People Young

An insight into the lives revolving around Belfast’s shipping ports in the 1830s is provided courtesy of feisty young narrator Gilbert Rice. The uncertainties of the industrial age are mirrored in Gilbert’s tumultuous love affair with Polish barmaid Maria. The foreboding in the air as Belfast struggles with tensions old and new is palpable, and I was drawn, effortlessly, into a bygone age of insurgency.

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The Other Child

Two brutal murders in a Yorkshire seaside resort seem to be connected, but the police investigation stalls until a terrible family secret that has haunted two generations is uncovered. This bestselling German author has created a convincing local atmosphere as the background to a psychological thriller with all the red herrings and blind alleys you would expect in a classic English detective story. A compulsive read!

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This is Life

Based in Paris, love at first sight is the norm in this scatty, madcap comic novel. Full of irony and dark humour, the author pokes fun at performance art and the French political scene, leaving you none the wiser about whether life imitates art or the other way round. You find yourself willingly suspending disbelief in this skillfully wrought furiously paced farce.

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Bring Me the Head of Ryan Giggs

Sheer genius. Mikey Wilson will stay with you. A tale of male bonding, talent, rivalry, loyalty, jealousy, hopes, disappointments, coping and not coping, set to the background of the mighty Man Utd team of 1992 - Beckham, Scholes and, of course, Ryan Giggs. Even if you hate football, you will not want to miss reading this book. That is, if you have any interest in the male psyche. Rodge Glass, he shoots, he scores. A triumph.

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