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Pomegranate Sky

I loved this book. It gives you real insight into the world of educated middle class Iranians in the early 21st century. We are so used to the Iranians we meet in the UK that we do not realise how hard it is to live under their political regime at home. A joy to read.

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Rendezvous by Esther Verhoef

Rich Dutch businessman, Eric, pursues his 'Grand Design' dream of renovating a run-down country estate in Bordeaux; poor dutiful hausfrau Simone looks after their kids and cooks huge lunches for the gang of workmen. When she exchanges glances with young Michel, a working class Adonis on the team, her dull, safe world experiences a French revolution - can this be love? Now read on: bags of atmosphere and some good recipes...

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Voice of America by E C Osondu

The author's Nigerian roots are clearly portrayed through the myriad of characters featured in this short story collection. Set in Nigeria and America, tales of men and women, boys and girls are played out in a hard-hitting manner with a common factor present in each story: disillusionment. I warmed to each unique character as they battle for a better life; a far cry from the American dream.

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