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Deloume Road

A lyrical debut novel set in a remote, sleepy Vancouver Island community, you will find yourself drawn into the world of a diverse cast of characters who have many hidden secrets and emotions and whose lives are intertwined with that of Gerald Deloume, the town's long dead founder. This all leads to a somewhat horrifying climax. An undemanding but gripping read - at times I felt I was there and could feel the heat and smell the smells!

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February snow and ice drift through this exploration of loss as widow Helen recalls life with her husband and family, lives in the present and tries to look forward. Rooted in a real-life tragedy, and written in episodic style, each chapter is almost a short story in itself. Memory and imagination build to the moment of her husband's violent death, as grief and endurance are both lyrically and plainly described. Will hope win out?

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The End

Six tangled lives from an Italian immigrant community in 1950's Ohio weave back and forth over time until drawn together by the events of a single day. I had to push myself to connect with certain characters - think creepy jeweller, elderly abortionist - and skewed time periods. But if you relish an intense and challenging read with spiritual overtones, this vivid, poetic epic could leave you moved and amazed. Not your average beach read!

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Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend

Budo is an imaginary friend, who provides company and support to the one person who can see and hear him - 8 year old Max who has Asperger’s. When Max is kidnapped it is up to Budo to save him, but how? And can Budo discover why he exists along the way? Told with such engaging charm and poignancy, the reader turns each page with feelings of worry for the welfare of Max and dread about the outcome. An original and thought-provoking read.

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