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The Method

Thirty-four-year old scientist, Mia Holl, faces charges of anti-Method activities in this futurist 'Big Brother' style thriller. Mia is a strong and resilient character; I both admired and felt great empathy for her as she valiantly defends her deceased brother's honour with punishable consequences.

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What a warm and funny book with such wonderfully evocative descriptions of the island peopled with such engaging characters. I learnt a lot about the history and politics of Jamaica but there was never a dull moment as I watched Pao grow up, take over the family 'business', and develop into a complex yet moral man.

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The Finno-Ugrian Vampire

If you've ever felt like the outsider, even within your own family, Jerne's tale will resonate like struck crystal. Gawkily unpredictable and meandering, wry and clever and vivid, this is not the vampire story you're expecting.

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Madame Mephisto

A family split between Poland and London, between Catholicism and amorality. Just simmer gently. Now throw marijuana, cooking and incest into the mix. Bring to the boil. Add IVF treatment, the resulting baby and a cataclysmic event. Then see who has to take responsibility ... and read this book.

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