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If You’re Reading This I’m Already Dead

A wonderful, totally bonkers John Buchan pastiche - but with women. And remember that if anyone ever asks you to set out with your best friends to make yourself King of Albania, refuse. Just don't agree, unless they offer you a circus troupe, Mata Hari, a hero from a John Buchan novel and a camel. Even then, run like hell, especially if they leave out the camel.

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Swimming Home

A very short novel spanning a one week villa holiday of a British group in France. The setting is idyllic and the author's language sparkles like the sun on the sea. However, for this group, happiness is an unlikely outcome. A novel to be relished for the language and the style. Very highly recommended and has been shortlisted for the 2012 Man Booker prize

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I can't tell you too much about Blackbirds without spoiling its many, dark, surprises. But I will say that it's so fast and funny, that if, like me, you read this novel too quickly you're going to get very confused as the author does like flashbacks and uses them to great effect. So pace yourself and enjoy the ride.

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The Dinner

Brothers and their wives meet for dinner. What could be nicer? But none of these four are sympathetic characters, and as the story unfolded the less I liked them, especially the narrator. In conspiring to 'help' his son he reveals his own twisted view of life. A veneer of very polite society over something much darker. I kept reading because I kept thinking, would I do that?

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