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Seldom Seen

In this assured debut, we see 1980’s rural Suffolk through the eyes of an angst-ridden teenager. Family feuds and long-buried secrets play out against the backdrop of a changing landscape. A convincing portrayal of life in a small village and a welcome departure from all the twee novels that uphold the rural idyll.

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Hope: A Tragedy

In this allegorical take on Jewish neurosis and survivor guilt, Auslander treads a fine line between iconoclasm and tasteless irreverence, but his ironic humour saves the satire from offensiveness. The novel’s style and characterisation has all the surreal flavour of a Woody Allen stand up routine and if you appreciate black comedy and Jewish humour, you’ll love this – just don’t hope for a happy ending!

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Baba Yaga Laid an Egg

This complex retelling of an old Slavic myth is witty, thought provoking and ultimately optimistic. I do wonder if only women will appreciate Baba Yaga, but hope that men will at least try a novel which is quite unlike any other I have ever read.

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Girls Can't Make Gun Noises

Four words easily describe this novel: laugh-out-loud-funny. Set in the South Wales Valleys in the 1970s, it’s a real tonic for the stresses of every-day life in today's world. Written in the authentic voice of young Gwyn, and crammed with topical references and popular culture, it delivers a real nostalgia trip back to the decade of the Bionic Man and Hawaii Five-O, through the eyes of a six-year-old. Pure indulgence.

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