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The Last Girlfriend on Earth

Suppose all the men on earth thought like American College boys? Then these weird and wonderful love stories might just come true and the world might be well lost for love: at least until commitment appears on the horizon. Simon Rich was a new author to me and thank goodness he's written lots more as he's seriously addictive.

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Kimberley's Capital Punishment

This surreal, dark comedy starts in a London park in the middle of the story, ends four different ways, and never once pulls its punches. It's free-wheeling, out of control, grim, gross, wry, and very British.

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Days of the Bagnold Summer

This graphic novel tells the story of 15-year old Daniel and his single mum Sue and follows their day-to-day existence during one long summer school holiday spent at home. The sharply observed dialogue and hugely expressive drawings made me smile with recognition as well as cringing at the awkward things both adults and teenagers say and do. A poignant, perceptive read.

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This is an object lesson. Never lose a washing machine in a war-zone. Who knows what the assorted collection of criminals, spies, maniacs and journalists who inhabit this fictional country will think has happened. But they certainly won't guess the truth. And then you have to consider the exploding donkeys. A laugh aloud satire on a crazy world.

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When the Night

Suspenseful love story dovetails around two intersecting moments, fifteen years apart. Forget lovey-dovey romance, the power struggle between taciturn mountain guide Manfred and Marina, a mother failing to cope, is as hard-edged as its icy Dolomite setting. Told from both viewpoints, the tussle of alternating voices can be unsettling, but guaranteed to hit the spot if you prefer your passion highly charged and deeply psychological.

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