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This book is a real one-off. I couldn't get into it for a long time and then it gradually started to make sense. Think stream-of-consciousness written as a music score or a play with narrative mixed in. Highly original in style, challenging and different from anything I've ever read before. It's certainly weird; whether it's also wonderful is for you to decide.

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We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

This tale of family dynamics begins with comic undertones which are jolted by a shift in perception a quarter of the way in. The silence, self-delusion and guilt of family life find echoes in dysfunctional relationships between humans and animals. Inspired by real-life experiments in the 1930s, this book explores issues of ethics, nature/nurture and animal rights - lots for reading groups to discuss, but could be distressing for some readers.

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If I Close My Eyes Now

Filtered through childhood eyes, this story of incest, exploitation and corruption in high places is told in deceptively simple prose. The back story of Brazil as it lurches into the developing world permeates the whole book and provides a haunting back-drop to unlikely friendships in a time of innocence and hope.

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Mr Loverman

A funny and touching love story of two men whose lifelong secret affair is shared with the reader. Barrington 'Barry' Walker and his partner Morris are two lovable characters who seized my attention from the very first page. Beneath Barry's swagger lies a serious undercurrent of racial and sexual prejudice which shapes his character and makes his battles ever more poignant and heartfelt.

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