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Eat My Heart Out

In this darkly comic, post-feminist satire on women behaving badly, Pilger uses deliberately offensive and cringe-worthy scenes to show how so-called 'empowered', yet self-harming female media icons make it difficult for girls to find positive role models, leaving them caught between the housewife and the whore. Ignore the misleading cover illustration, this is not a tale of SM eroticism, but a hard hitting antidote to saccharine chick lit.

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Seoul Survivors

Seoul may be one of the few places on earth to escape an asteroid speeding towards us, but life there is far from safe. Genetic engineering on an horrific scale, drugs, deceit, perverted sex, this frenetic account is not for the squeamish. Most characters are deeply unpleasant, and deserve all they get, but I did feel for those innocents who though they may escape Lucifer's Hammer, are snared unwittingly in a deadly trap.

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Angst-filled tangle of gay love, loss, reunion, reconciliation and forgiveness, but also a tale of loyalty and relationships within families. Written with dry humour and passages of lyrical prose, the first person narrative is shared between the three main characters keeping the reader focussed on the consequence of actions and decisions which is often complex and intense.

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Shop Front

A stunning first novel by a very talented author. This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand masculinity, Scotland and the way out of the traps that men sometimes let themselves fall into because they have to prove that they are 'real men' - whatever that means. Samuel Best's writing is perceptive, enthralling and stylish. I cannot wait for his next novel.

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