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The Fishermen

Why did the lives of the 'perfect' Nigerian family disintegrate into violence and misery? Was it witchcraft, mental illness or parental absence? The poetic style of the writing which initially seems old-fashioned and traditional, exaggerates the extraordinary and horrific events. Told in the words of Ben, one of five brothers who is nine years old at the start of the story, this is a totally absorbing debut novel. Definitely one to watch.

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If you want a book which makes you laugh and cry at the same time, this is it. Alex is 12 and has a brain tumour. He tells his story in typical teenage style as he struggles to understand what is happening to him. With the aid of a friend he tries to solve the mystery of his parents' odd behaviour. Are they getting divorced? And why does his beloved hamster seem thinner? Bursting with humour but you will need tissues at the end.

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What to do with Lobsters in a Place like Klippiesfontein

Klippiesfontein is the kind of place where you do not find lobsters for sale – but that doesn’t deter Marius, with surreal results. This story revels in modern South African life, gently poking fun at the insanity of racists, while allowing them humanity. A rainbow shines.

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My Biggest Lie

Let yourself by whisked along by a novel that is at times a heady, intoxicating blur and at others, funny, honest and charming. It follows Liam as he escapes to Buenos Aires, far away from the mess he's made of both his relationship and his job with a London publisher (not a good idea to be held responsible for the death of your most celebrated author). But in spite of all his mistakes it's hard not to end up rooting for Liam.

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