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A light-hearted yet credible depiction of a controversial theme successfully captures feelings of loneliness and despair together with empathy and compassion. In this contradictory world of banalities and perceived slights, infidelities assume comic and magnified proportions as the characters behave with ageless (im)maturity all described with stylistic aplomb.

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Vulgar, intense, fast and funny this is a hedonistic tale of friendship, drink, drugs and sex. I struggled with the hold that Tyler has over Laura, but found it to be an interesting look at love, growing up at thirty, and what happens when girls behave badly.

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One Hundred Apocalypses and Other Apocalypses

Comprising three short stories and one hundred examples of flash fiction, this collection of cautionary tales and dystopian allegories describe an absurdist version of apocalypse now, then and future, where the everyday world is seen through a warped lens darkly. To be recommended for the adventurous reader who likes prose poetry with attitude.

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The Last Word

A mischievous satire which pokes fun at the luvvies and pretensions of the literary world. If you need to like the characters you may find this a challenging read. Clearly you are meant to find their amorality repulsive as well as funny, their predatory sexuality hypocritical compared to their liberal credentials. So, if you are feeling cynical about big name authors and the aura of publishing, this may be for you.

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