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Into a Raging Blaze

Carina should never have accepted the USB from the mysterious Jean. Its contents open a can of very nasty worms and the idealistic young civil servant is soon running for her life. When agents from MI6 and the CIA turn up, she also discovers it’s not a good idea to have a boyfriend called Jamal ... An authentic, convincing read and more than a bit scary.

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As the title would suggest this book is about people and places in transit. Largely set in Ireland in 2004 four lives are brought together, each of them at a point of change in their lives - at one of life's junctions. The stories of two families and the women within them creates the canvass for the bigger picture of change in society. It is a quietly effective story, elegantly told, always nudging the reader to read on.

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I'm OK, I'm Pig

I recommend these poems if you are up for a tough demanding eye opening read. Persevere and be rewarded with a view of a world I for one had no conception of. If I thought of South Korean women at all I imagined them as emancipated as their Western sisters, but learnt that women's poetry needed to break free, and this collection shows how it can be done. Try it and have your eyes opened too. Notes and appendix were essential to my understanding.

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One More Thing

Recommended not only for the many fans of the author and stand-up comedian, but also for those who enjoy earlier Woody Allen films. Plus those who want stories to make them laugh and make them think - but who sometimes only have time to read one page or less.

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