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The Poisoning Angel

Helene Jegado was no ordinary child and her evil doings continue as she passes into adulthood. She has an unsavoury taste for death and uses her skills as a cook to poison her unsuspecting victims. One by one they fall in this macabre tale of murder most vile. It's unusual to have no compassion for a female protagonist but this was certainly the case here. Helene's story left behind a bitter aftertaste yet was strangely addictive too.

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This brutal novel packs a hard punch punctuated by occasional flashes of black humour. It's a story of primal urges and the base human instinct for survival. The main characters - all without names - ought to be 2-dimensional and distant but instead they are deep, rounded and unforgettable. The Cumbrian fells heave with life and radiate with beauty yet churn with foreboding and danger. And the ending ... suffice to say, I didn't see that coming.

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The Man With the Compound Eyes

Full of mysticism and imagery, this is a novel anchored in ecological concerns. Its richly poetic style brings nature to life in various guises and the characters' voices vividly portray their culture and identity. The raw and complex beauty of this book will capture your imagination whilst also delivering a message of loneliness and loss.

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Fun Parts

Truly black tragicomedy can be found in these stories, which are not so much of born losers as of those fated not even to compete. A book as American as Apple Pie - a pie that's been flattened by Death on a Motorised Vehicle.

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