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The Texture of Shadows

Mandla Langa gives a no-holds-barred insight into the horrors of the war waged by the apartheid state on its own people, and of the psychological consequences to both sides. Langa does not seek to present one side as angels and the others as devils because he is far too honest for that. This is what gives the book its resonance, and makes it a must-read for anyone who does not see violence as anything other than the last resort.

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White Hunger

Winter, 1867 in Northern Finland. Starvation forces a woman to leave her dying husband and go in search of food with her two young children. Along the way, she encounters the best and worst of humanity. Relentlessly bleak, this short tale of self-sacrifice and hope packs an almighty punch and demands of its reader a strong constitution.

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Two stories for the price of one. Loveable and longing-to-be-hip young writer Kitab and his dashing daredevil brother Aziz discover their doppelgangers in cyberspace. But what's going to happen when they all get together in meatspace? If you, like me, have no idea what this means, you need to read this! It's hilariously funny and very rude - and finally, sad and surprisingly sweet.

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An Untamed State

The kidnapping of a wealthy young woman in Haiti by a brutal gang makes a very disturbing read. Mireille has a golden life, a happy marriage and a beautiful young son and she thinks she has everything ... until this. The quality of the writing is superb and the pace moves along at a terrific speed. Once read this won't be easily forgotten.

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