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The Good Liar

This will take you by surprise. Not necessarily every twist and turn. But enough of them to keep you on your toes. Here is a morality tale for our times - the villain is villainous and definitely needs to be caught. It starts off like 'The Sting' but then turns a lot darker, as you are slowly led into the betrayal of the Schroder family to the Gestapo. I couldn't put this book down - hoping that the villain would meet his deserved fate.

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The Book of Memory

While on death row in a Zimbabwean prison, Memory begins to recount her story, at the centre of which lies her parents and Lloyd, and what may or may not have happened to Memory as a child. It is a story of unfolding revelations set against the backdrop of change in society. Befitting her name, Memory is a memorable character in a story beautifully told that you may want to read all over again once you've reached the final sentence.

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A Cup of Rage

A torrent of anger, hatred and contempt flows through 47 pages without a stop. I can't say it made me understand sado-masochism but it certainly brought it to life in the most forceful way. Don't expect soft porn: this is a masterful study of sexual perversion.

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The Lauras

Alex is agender and travels around America with 'Ma', a woman with her own agenda. Ma is out for revenge and retribution. She's a woman with a past and Alex witnesses and experiences things no child should see. Nevertheless Alex becomes strong and independent which comes through as the story progresses. This is a book where you never really know what's going to happen next - be it good or bad - and that's what makes it such a great read.

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