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A rags to riches story set in London. Niki, a Serbian refugee book shop assistant, is employed by Gorsky, a Russian oligarch, to buy Gorsky's personal library. Atmospheric descriptions of the Chelsea and Knightsbridge districts and of the lavish lifestyle of the London super rich combine to deliver an entertaining novel with shades of 'The Great Gatsby'.

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One Night, Markovitch

Switching between unrequited love and loathing; hope and despair, this is an exuberant portrayal of the comedy of human experience, encapsulating both life’s small domestic detail as well as the broader sweep of Jewish history. This is moving, funny, thought-provoking story-telling that reminds us that the miraculous is only a step away from the mundane.

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The Good Son

Mickey, the narrator, is 11 years old, intelligent, gentle and living in the Ardoyne at the height of The Troubles. And if that weren't enough, his is mocked and tormented because, in his own words, ‘ everyone says I’m gay’. A terrifyingly realistic view of a dreadful time (in terms of both history and growing up) that is nevertheless often very funny. Highly recommended.

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Birth of a Bridge

An unusual novel where the main character is a bridge rather than any of the people who flock to work on building it. The visionary Mayor of Coca, an imaginary town in California, wants to transform it into a city to rival Dubai, but it needs a new and spectacular bridge. The progress of the building work interspersed with vignettes of the workers and the author's unusual prose style make this novel an intriguing, sometimes comic read.

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