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The Portable Veblen

Dreamy, nature-loving, anti-consumerist meets ambitious, status-conscious materialist working for Big Pharma - and it’s not long before serious prenuptial doubts emerge. Throw in dysfunctional upbringing on both sides and a disastrous meet-the-in-laws visit with the future hypochondriac mother-in-law from hell – and the relationship looks doomed. If you are into screwball comedy and like squirrels, you will enjoy this.

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The Blue Between Sky and Water

This is a story of the Palestinian struggle told through several generations of a family. It was easy to empathise with the characters in Gaza, especially Nazmiyeh, a strong woman with a wicked tongue, but I struggled with the character of Nur, an abused Palestinian girl raised in the USA and whose story felt, to me, a little contrived. Nevertheless, I learned a lot from this moving and poetic novel.

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The House of Shattered Wings

A Paris in the fallout of war between rival magicians' Houses, angels regularly falling out of heaven, a dragon realm under the Seine, addiction to angel essence clearly replacing narcotics and their associated gangland crime. There are so many elements here to grapple with as the author invites you to join her in welding together this gripping fantasy, crime, thriller mash up. An epic read.

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A Book of Death and Fish

An amazing book following the self-told story of a young man growing up in the Hebrides in the 1960s through to his death in the new millennium. Don’t be put off by the dialect, you’ll soon get your ear in and be reading it fluently. Don’t worry about the free-flowing style – it quickly seems natural. Don’t be put off by the fish, they are only part of the story. Remember it is a novel!

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