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Yuki Chan in Bronte Country

Yuki, a young Japanese girl, comes to Bronte country to retrace her dead mother's steps. She has very little English, money or clothes - only her mother's photos. Befriended by a local girl, the pair set out on a journey of discovery across the Yorkshire moors. Their adventures include shooting a rambler, being bitten by a dog and breaking into a Care Home. Yuki is a brilliant and funny creation. Atmospheric and imaginative. I loved it!

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The Rest of Us Just Live Here

Ever wondered what happens to teenagers who don't fight vampires, zombies or soul-eaters? They fight battles of their own, over families, identity, friendship, love and their future. Mikey will make you laugh, cry and remember...

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The Transmigration of Bodies

A Romeo and Juliet scenario, but when the corpses in question were not lovers and he died accidentally, she of the plague, it takes all the Redeemer's ingenuity to prevent needless inter-family revenge. A dark and moody read - post-apocalyptic noir at its most stripped down.

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The Prophets of Eternal Fjord

A sensory assault into an inhospitable Greenland that seamlessly combines a hallucinatory, imaginative world with colonial history. The multi-stranded, audacious narrative has an intense emotional urgency that is somehow exhilarating despite the stark storytelling and enigmatic main protagonist. You may be shocked but will also appreciate the beauty.

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