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Future Popes of Ireland

The story spans three decades from 1979 and the visit of Pope John Paul II to the Irish Republic. Granny Doyle is so much in thrall to the Pontiff and filled with religious fervour, that she decides her next grandchild is destined to become the first Irish Pope. The comic brio of the Irish vernacular, with nods to the 'Father Ted' series, belies the tragic elements of this riotous family saga, so you can be sure of plenty of great 'craic' too!

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Not Thomas

Through the voice of Tomos, the 5-year old narrator, a story unfolds of a boy suffering the effects of abject neglect and blighted by severe poverty. Not Thomas is often very challenging and emotionally draining, but Tomos compels you to carry on. And the reward is that by the end you'll get to know a truly memorable character.

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The guests staying at the Hotel Estoril - some actual historical persons, some imagined - provide an intriguing cast of characters to illustrate the divisions of society at the outbreak of WW2, when exiles of all kinds - refugees, spies, diplomats and aristocrats flocked to 'neutral' Portugal to escape the Nazi threat. The tone is wryly comical yet poignant, and reminded me of the quirky style of Wes Anderson's 'Grand Budapest Hotel'.

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City of Lies

More deceit and treachery than Game of Thrones! At the core of this fantasy cycle is the bond between two siblings, a youth with OCD and his frail sister. As their world falls apart, they discover their strength and the neglected old gods of Silasta.

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