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Myths, rumours and folklore converge and unfold into a series of haunting tales narrated by the various residents of Neverness. This book certainly ticks the boxes for uniqueness and imaginative writing, where ordinary folk become rather extraordinary.

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The Town

Strangely, wryly, compelling search for 'the meaning of life' by an unnamed young writer moving into an unnamed Australian town. Can it be found in literature, music, belonging, love, alcohol or violence? Or possibly in the strange black holes into which the town may just be disappearing? Definitely one to savour.

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Palm Beach Finland

A dead body, an ace detective, a key suspect - the essential components of Nordic crime are present, but this story really plays around with the genre. Palm Beach Finland has to be one of the tackiest seaside resorts I've come across, however, beyond the gaudy beach huts and plastic palm trees the real Finland is there. Told from the perspective of an eclectic cast of characters, this is a mystery which doesn't take itself too seriously.

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To The Back of Beyond

Thomas returns from a happy family holiday and walks away with only a penknife and a credit card. No reason, no sense of guilt. At first I thought this was another 'missing person' novel but this one is a bit different as we get both sides of the story, from Thomas as he makes his escape and from Astrid, the wife he has left. Essentially it is a love story but with an element of mystery - totally absorbing!

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