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In the Full Light of the Sun

The superficial glamour of Berlin's hedonistic high society between the wars is revealed in all its decadence in this fictionalised art-world fraud scandal during the Weimar period. The quest for verifiable artistic attribution echoes the search for authenticity and intrinsic value, in an era of conspiracy, corruption and moral degeneracy. If you enjoyed the show 'Cabaret' you may appreciate this literary delve into a nation's dark psyche.

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Everything Under

There's something hypnotic about this book. How it weaves in and out of different time-frames, voices, episodes, all revolving around Gretel and her mother, twisty and windy, like the river, around which the story unravels. But the picture is never completely clear. When reading, it's as though you're viewing a scene through frosted glass. And what could be frustrating seems appropriate - and fitting for this book.

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Golden Child

The Deyalsinghs are a Hindu family living in rural Trinidad. Thirteen year old Paul has not come home and, as his father Clyde, sets out to look for him, I was overcome by a creeping sense of dread. What plays out on the page taps into all our hopes and fears as parents. The beautiful writing vividly evokes the island, yet is at odds with the reality of life for the family. A devastating, white-knuckle ride of a read, sensitively delivered.

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Empire of Sand

The fantasy romance format, with Bollywood undertones of the Mughal empire, whisks you along until you suddenly realise you're deep in metaphysical uncertainties. The dreams and nightmares of the Gods, and the power-hungry demands of Empire for supernatural legitimation, spark depths of passion and violence, but they are fragile constructs compared with the inner strength of one woman.

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