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Enter the bizarre world of sexrobots, frozen heads, and Bedlam. Doctor Ry Shelley, boy as well as girl, delivers body parts to Victor Stein, who researches robotics. They fall in love, but Victor is messing with life that shouldn't be messed with according to Ry. The intertwining with the original Frankenstein story and Mary Shelley's urge to find a place in a man's world is brilliant. And some characters made me laugh out loud lots of times.

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To Leave With the Reindeer

The narrator of this fascinating novel, who always refers to herself as you, recounts how her journey to independent self discovery continued into middle-age. This is not at all an easy read as her story, which focuses to a large extent on human/animal relationships, is interspersed with accounts by animal experts: from conservationists to abattoir workers. Very thought-provoking stuff which is recommended for those who like a challenge.

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Terra Nullius

An uncomfortable but very relevant novel with a vision of the future that hit me right in the face. A race of aliens with reptile-like features, but not very different from us, colonises the earth.Their methods are reminiscent of the colonisation of Australia by the Europeans: they kill entire tribes and steal children to use as slaves. Jacky, kidnapped as a child and escaping from his terrible life, I found especially touching and brave.

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Is Hark a mountebank? Or does he really have the secret that will solve all the problems of a disintegrating world? He says not, but can we believe a word that he tells us? Did his mother really believe that Hark was the name of the Herald Angel? What does he mean by 'Focus'? Could his ideas save the world? The question at the heart of the story is a simple one: can Hark be trusted?

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