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The Wolf

To any lover of heroic fantasy stories this must be a treat! I had to figure out whether I wanted to choose a side, who belonged where, and the meaning of all the described cultural elements. I learned about fighting tactics, motivations and feelings that show an overwhelming enthusiasm for warfare, in which known history is cleverly adapted into the fiction. A truly epic story with lots of nuances. Being part 1, it ends with a cliffhanger...

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Library of the Unwritten

If there is one lesson to be learned from this story, it is this: never annoy a librarian. Do not even irritate one, not even if you are a demon, an arch-fiend of Hell. And never forget the power of recalling an inter-library loan. Librarians have ways of dealing with even the most difficult, the most powerful of demons. All you have to do is remember Giles, in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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The First Time Lauren Paling Died

This novel made me feel quite uneasy but at the same time it's a moving tale of loss and love. Lauren captures flashes of parallel worlds in which she lives on after her death. Her parents live in their own world. The disappearance of her father's boss is the recurrent theme. This spark of a mystery is a bonus and added to the suspense and my reading pleasure.

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The Discomfort of Evening

Comfort of any kind is in short supply: tragedy, grief and the coping strategies of a devout farming family are at the heart of a deeply disturbing story. Adolescent Jas obsesses about death, sex and bodily functions. Offbeat humour gives way to an impassive account of life falling apart. Although I was transfixed by Jas's world of vulnerability and violence, I did not leave it unscathed - but it was worth it.

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The Dollmaker

This book is a wonderful hodgepodge; literary fiction mixed with fantasy fairytale, sprinkled with historical, gothic and romance fiction too. The diverse writing can make it challenging to read, but it’s worth just sinking into the book as much as you can and allowing the experience to wash over you. Some of the interior short stories are chillingly brilliant, and whilst there are moments of humour, much of it is haunting and unsettling.

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