New Model Army

by Adam Roberts

Can an army be more than the sum of its parts? Wikis, Google Maps, online voting: these are all familiar technology. The genius of a New Model Army is to use them to power a radically democratic professional fighting force. Big ideas and the sense of being part of something greater than yourself make this an exhilarating read.


You want more details. I must move into hypotheticals. I presume that different proposals would be put before the army: as it might be, 'I say we shoot them all', and 'I say: we leave them all behind - find some warehouses, lock them all in and piss off out of it.' Then there would be a debate, with any and every soldier entitled to put his case. Some would say 'if we leave them and walk away, the enemy will learn that they do not need to pay a ransom to get their troops back, and we'll never collect a ransom again.' And others: 'war is one thing, but mass murder is a crime against humanity.' And then we would vote, and act on the result. ... It is the vote that is the important thing.


Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K Dick
Transition by Iain Banks

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