So Much For That

by Lionel Shriver

It's not very often that you come across a novel with a, 'social conscience' like this one. Beautifully written and combining both humour and sadness this book takes us into the world of Shep Knacker, his family and closest friends. Gasp in astonishment at the cost of healthcare in the US whilst simultaneously shouting a vote of thanks to Aneurin Bevan for the inception of the NHS. It's a long novel but one you will devour with gusto.


Pogatchnik's pause baited Shep to take offense, but ever since 'So long, asshole!' his self-demoted employee had been a paragon of restraint.
'Unless I quit being held ransom for health insurance, for this whole crowd?' Potatchnik carried on. 'Handy Randy would go under. Realize that's one of the main reasons American companies are moving overseas, don't you? Health insurance. Hell, I'd move this outfit to China, too, if only my Mexicans could commute to Queens from Beijing. You guys came to me today, you could have a job. That's all. A job is a job. As for cancer, you'd die on your own dime. So you chumps don't like the World Wellness Group, you know where the door is. I'd replace you with a couple of Guatemalans as a fraction of the salary who'd be grateful for the paycheck.'


My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult

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