Broken Glass Park

by Alina Bronsky

Sascha Naimann is one of the most engaging personalities you're likely to encounter in modern fiction. Feisty, independent and street-wise, she takes all that life can throw at her (a lot) and returns it with interest. This highly readable book has brilliantly-drawn characters, vibrant writing, a gripping narrative, and a heroine you want to cheer on as you would a favourite football team. What an enjoyable and inspiring read it is!


Sometimes I think I'm the only one in our neighbourhood with any worthwhile dreams. I have two, and there's no reason to be ashamed of either one. I want to kill Vadim. And I want to write a book about my mother. I already have a title: The Story of an Idiotic Redheaded Woman Who Would Still Be Alive If Only She Had Listened to Her Smart Oldest Daughter. Or maybe that's more of a subtitle. But I have plenty of time to figure it out because I haven't started writing yet.
Translated by Tim Mohr


Being Emily by Anne Donovan

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