Mixed Blood

by Roger Smith

From out of hell, or in this case Cape Town's Cape Flats, the hand of fate reaches out to wreak havoc. An American criminal on the run, a corrupt, murderous policeman, an ex-gangster and his dog, a special investigator, and various denizens of the townships are caught up in a maelstrom of murder. Blood flows, guts spill, drugs consumed, and the comeuppances are spectacularly unpleasant. Not for the squeamish.


Tomorrow was garbage collection day for the road on the mountain, and a bin stood outside each house ready for the dawn truck. Benny Mongrel was always amazed at what these rich people threw away. Uneaten food still wrapped in plastic, brand-new clothes, electrical equipment. Last month he found a portable TV that worked perfectly and had swapped it with his landlord for rent.
It was no wonder that squds of homeless people seeped from the doorways, gutters and open fields, to sift through the trash cans of the privileged. Beatings from the police and rent-a-cops were a small price to pay for these rich pickings.


The Memory of Stones by Mandla Langa
Blood Safari by Deon Meyer
Gone with the Twilight a Story of Sophiatown by Don Mattera

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