Wasted in Love

by Allan Wilson

A stunning debut by a brilliant new author. I know that you have heard that before, but this time it's true. These stories are witty, intelligent, compassionate, heart-rending, heart-warming and lyrical - beautifully written. Allan Wilson has an understanding heart. Drink deep from this new well. Savour these waters of life.


The pigeons would only eat what the seagulls did not. There were many seagulls and maybe five pigeons to each seagull. But they did not hassle the seagulls. They waited for their turn to eat. When it was their turn they ate quickly. They fought among themselves for the food that was left.

Steven was not really wanting to see this type of thing. He was drunk.

It was that time on a Spring morning when it is light enough to seem beautiful. He did not know the time because he did not wear a watch. He had thrown his mobile into a line of oncoming traffic sometime in the twelve hours previous.

From Important Things To Do.


The Year of Open Doors by Alan Bissett and others

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