Pig's Foot

by Carlos Acosta

When Cuban Oscar Mandinga finds himself utterly alone, he sets out to discover his true identity and finds Pig's Foot, the isolated village of his ancestors. He is a teller of stories, of slavery, revolution, love and family. This book delivers a fascinating insight into the history of Cuba, with a few twists and turns, it is a compelling story and we are left still wondering who Oscar really is!


I was a pretty normal kid, just like the other chiquillos in Barrio Lawton, as far as I remember, though my grandparents always insisted I was different. They told me I had been born in a place called Pig's Foot - Pata de Puerco - in the deep south of Cuba on the far side of El Cobre. According to them, I slid down my mother's legs into the mud like a slug. Can you imagine? Like a slug. And that as soon as my mother picked me up out of the muck, I started howling like I'd been stuck with a fistful of needles. Pig's Foot sounds to me like one of the weird recipes Grandma used to concoct, but from what I was told both my grandparents and the parents I never knew were born there and one day I would have to go back.
Translated by Frank Wynne


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