The Summer We Got Free

by Mia McKenzie

Since the death of her twin Geo, Ava – once a vibrant child and brilliant artist – lives a colourless existence. She and her family subsist in a greyness of perpetual grief; ostracised and persecuted by their local church. Then, 17 years later, a stranger arrives. This story feels like reading a painting - shaded with mystery, loss, racial prejudice, and gay love - experiencing with Ava and her family a rediscovery of the vivid colours of life.


Ava sat staring at the painting for a long while, her head tilted slightly to one side, her eyes moving along the angles, the strange curves of the woman’s neck , back, buttocks, and thigh. The color seemed to enter Ava, the red filling her view like blood or sunset, the blues racing through her, cooling her skin in the already-air-conditioned room. She thought again about who she had been, before, and wondered when the woman in the mirror had become different.


Sula by Toni Morrison
The Color Purple by Alice Walker

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