An Untamed State

by Roxane Gay

The kidnapping of a wealthy young woman in Haiti by a brutal gang makes a very disturbing read. Mireille has a golden life, a happy marriage and a beautiful young son and she thinks she has everything ... until this. The quality of the writing is superb and the pace moves along at a terrific speed. Once read this won't be easily forgotten.


The cold steel of a gun barrel dug into my skin. I froze. A voice said, 'Go easy or we kill your family. We kill everything you've ever loved.' I did not move. The gun dug deeper and deeper. I unclenched my fingers and stood. I stared at my family. I do not love easy. I raised my hands over my head. My thighs trembled uncontrollably. I could not move. A hand grabbed my neck, pushing me toward a waiting vehicle. I turned to look back, a sudden calm filling me. Michael slowly raised his head. I looked at him hard, wanted him to know this was not how our story would end.


The Comedians by Graham Greene

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