The Prince's Boy

by Paul Bailey

Starting from the most inauspicious beginning, a love affair survives for more than twenty years through prejudice, hatred, persecution and illness. Brilliantly atmospheric descriptions of the freedom of Bohemian Paris in the 1920s contrast with the repression and rise of Nazism of Bucharest in the 1930s. The elegant style of the writing matches the period. Another brilliant novel from this author.


'My expertise in all matters carnal informs me that a sensitive creature is invariably attracted to a brute. I have a brute on the premises, as it happens, and he is not engaged with a gentleman at this moment.' He stared at me. 'Is it a beast you require?'
I stared back. 'Yes,' I finally managed to reply. Yes, it is.'
'That will be a hundred francs, Monsieur. Your real name, if you care to disclose it, will be safe with me.
Safe? 'I am Silviu Golescu,' I told him.
'You will be enjoying the services of Honore`. He is a beast beyond compare. Allow me to lead you to him.'



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