Trigger Warning

by Neil Gaiman

Imagine a jukebox throwing out stories and poems instead of the songs of the day and you'd soon get the idea with Trigger Warning. It's a Neil Gaiman smörgåsbord that is predictable in its unpredictability. Celebrate the joy and the fantastic in stories, whether they be sinister tales or playful musings.


I am forgetting things, which scares me.
I am losing words, although I am not losing concepts. I hope that I am not losing concepts. If I am losing concepts, I am not aware of it. If I am losing concept, how would I know?
Which is funny, because my memory was always so good. Everything was in there. Sometimes my memory was so good that even I thought that I could remember things I didn't know yet. Remembering forward...
I don't think there's a word for that, is there? Remembering things that haven't happened yet. I don't have that feeling I get when i go looking in my head for a word that isn't there, as if someone must have come and taken it in the night.


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