Signs Preceding the End of the World

by Yuri Herrera

Fable, allegory, thriller, this slim novella will keep you reading and guessing long after you finish it. Journey with its irresistible heroine from the Mexican underworld to the USA and beyond.


Using in one tongue the word for a thing in the other makes the attributes of both resound: if you say Give me fire when they say Give me a light, what is not to be learned about fire, light and the act of giving? It's not another way of saying things: these are new things. The world happening anew, Makina realizes: promising other things, signifying other things, producing different objects. Who knows if they'll last, who knows if these names will be adopted by all, she thinks, but there they are, doing their damnedest.
Translated by Lisa Dillman


The Cloven Viscount by Italo Calvino
The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
The Columbian Mule by Massimo Carlotto

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