by Jung Yun

The Cho family is deeply divided by language, culture, class, religion and domestic violence, but Kyung's parents present a correct Korean face to the world. Then they fall victim to a brutal drug fueled crime, and you will be shocked at what happens to them and the aftermath, unlikable though they are. Compulsive reading and the events remain with me; although set in America they could occur anywhere - even your town or mine?


'You've been a good son,' she says.'You figured out how to keep them in your life, even though you really didn't have to. It's not like you owed them anything.'
'They're my parents , Gillian, What was I supposed to do?'
'What lots of people do - move to another city, get an unlisted number, avoid them. You had every right to cut them out of your life. Even a therapist would say so.'
'That's an American idea, Koreans are different.'
'But you grew up here. You're American too.'
'It's not the same.'


The Interpreter by Suki Kim
I'm OK I'm Pig by Kim Heyesoon

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