Europe in Autumn

by Dave Hutchinson

The Autumn is the post-pandemic, post-economic crises slide into a Europe more like the Middle Ages, with a plethora of mini-states jostling for living space. The SF tag seems obscure until well into the plot, and if you like your entries into alternative worlds as neatly explained as Potterian portkeys, think again, and look forward to the next two in the trilogy for explanations.


He closed his eyes and leaned back in his seat. Maybe he'd been a Coureur for too long; all the Situations were starting to blur together. He couldn't remember what he had done after leaving here last time. Back to Max's kitchen, certainly, but then what? Where? Andorra? Padania? Ulster? Maybe he could ask Bradley; Central would have his records somewhere. He could tell them he wanted to write his memoirs.



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