Occupy Me

by Tricia Sullivan

Surreal, muscular, noir, this SF thriller will mess with your mind while you hunger for answers. A manufactured angel fights to return home through a suitcase ... a pterosaur has just escaped .... A surgeon keeps an old enemy alive .... What world is this?


But I was in more than one place and there were more than one of me, there were thousands of entities, some clamouring, some slumbering, all rapt in my flesh. I was on a flat plane pocked with collision marks, and in the distance I could see shapes like stylised trees or telegraph wires. I was underwater. I was on a crowded train, my chest hot where I was pressed against someone's back and I just wanted to get out. I was arrowing through space, bouncing off a gravity well with an acceleration that left five eighths of my memory lagging behind me. I was under geologic time in the terrible press of a diamond factory. I was unspooled into 2D and birds were picking at my insides which contained people, entire cultures. I wrestled with my own perceptions, determined to settle in one place and time.


Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip Dick

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