Miss Blaine's Prefect and the Golden Samovar

by Olga Wojtas

What could possibly go wrong when a overconfident Scottish librarian finds herself on a mysterious love and life saving mission in tsarist Russia? As it turns everything, and even more. Although this sometimes farcical book tries a bit too hard to be funny all of the time, it is a highly entertaining read. Perfect for a holiday in the sun or a river cruise up the Volga.


I sensed the figure approaching me and held myself in readiness. Martial arts is one of my hobbies and while I wouldn't claim to be as expert as a Shaolin monk, I've got more than enough knowledge to be effective. As the intruder leaned towards me, I leaped up and pinned them to the wall.
The maid screamed.
'I'm terribly sorry,' I said, loosening my grip and helping her into a chair. 'I thought you were somebody else.'
The maid scowled. 'It is very hard working for you. The countess beat me all the time, but she never tried to kill me.'


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