One Way

by S. J. Morden

This tense, thrilling, science fiction, whodunit is a first for me and to say I thoroughly enjoyed it is an understatement. The description of living, existing and trying to stay alive on such a barren and soulless planet as Mars really came through in the writing. You're relying on everyone for survival but to know there's a murderer amongst you must be as scary as hell. Much to my delight there is a sequel -and it's already on order!


The older, gray-haired woman with the cheekbones and the eyebrows, who'd taken center-stage on one side of the boardroom-length table, wrinkled her nose at him. The thin black kid and the curly-headed white boy - and he was just a boy - were down the far end. Opposite Grandma was another woman, coffee skin and spiral hair. A moon-faced man was right by the door, and the last member was . . . vast.
Huge arms, huge legs, neck like a tire. Blond stubble on his scalp. And the tattoos. It took a moment for Frank to scan them all. 1488 on his forehead. HATE on the knuckles of the one visible hand. Swastika on his neck. Aryan Brotherhood.


No Way by S. J. Morden
Red Moon by Kim Stanley Robinson
Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

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