So Lucky

by Nicola Griffith

This story offers the reader a real opportunity to walk in someone else’s shoes. Mara, a lesbian is suddenly upended by a life-changing diagnosis - Multiple Sclerosis. The author, who also has MS, paints a convincing picture of a strong woman who suddenly becomes invisible – and is no longer perceived as a respected woman by the rest of the world. A different take on a tale of triumph over adversity.


It began to rain. I tried to stay calm. I knew this trap. It was like my the first self-defence lessons: What if the man has a knife? And when instructor had shown me how to defend against a knife, I wanted to know, What if he has a gun? After she addressed that, I asked, What if there are three of them? At which point she laughed and told me that she had no idea how to defend against a tank or a nuclear missile, either and if I thought learning self-defence could ensure perfect safety, I should ask for my money back. There was no such thing. There was always someone bigger, faster, better armed than you. Learn what you can, then improvise.


Still Alice by Lisa Genova
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby

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