The Cloud Sketcher

by Richard Rayner

This book is perfect for taking on a long journey. It's glamorous, engrossing and surprising. It's about a man's lifelong obsession with one woman and elevators; how the first skyscrapers were built; the rush of Jazz Age New York. It even has a political assassination in it too. A book that travels through different cultures and gives you unusual views.


My boots pinch and I'm tired, he thought, so why do I feel so happy? Whe knew why. From his pocket he drew the little mirror that Katerina had given him. 'It's a magic mirror.' She's said. 'If you look in it long enough it will show you who you really are.' It was the mirror that had been hanging from her wrist, the one she'd flashed in the faces of the other boys. The mirror was small, and fitted easily into Esko's hand. He ran his fingers softly over the wavelike designs of thick silver that surrounded and protected the glass. It was a generous gift.


The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michel Chabon
Once Upon a Time in America - the film

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