Les Liasons Culinaires

by Andreas Staikos

Dimitris and Damocles share a passion for food and for the same woman, Nana. Each tries to outwit his rival by cooking Nana ever more sumptuous dishes. Will interest foodies (recipes for all traditional Greek dishes included) and those with a sense of humour who love to witness men making complete fools of themselves over a woman.


I'll leave her hungry in every sense. I won't lift a finger for her. I won't wash. I won't shave and I shan't cook .... This will be my silent protest. She doesn't deserve me. She is not worthy of my kisses, which by her own admission are the most sensual she's ever enjoyed. I know myself well enough to be certain that on this subject I needn't question her honesty. No, she's not going to savour my sensual kisses - or my sauces, which she also says are the most exquisite she's ever sampled. No sauces. No kisses. That's final.
Translated by Anne-Marie Santon-Ife


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