The Crusader

by Michael Eisner

Not too many novels have given me a nightmare - but this one did. I found the writing so realistic that I couldn't fail to be moved by the idealism of the young hero - and scornful of the motives of most of his colleagues. There's blackly ironic humour which I savoured - even whilst doubting my own moral judgement. All in all not a book I'll easily forget.


Francisco would have done well to consult a priest about his brother's 'message'. The ways of the devil are infinitely complex and wicked. I suspect it was Satan who assumed the guise of his brother Sergio to lure Francisco to the Levant. Satan undoubtedly viewed the Montcada heir as a great prize and would do anything to woo him into that dark fold .... Thus the paradox that makes me shudder as I realize the cunning, nefarious methods of Satan - Francisco joined God's army and journeyed to the Holy Land at the behest of the devil.


The World is not Enough by Zoe Oldenbourg
The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco

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