Drowning Ruth

by Christina Schwartz

Beautifully written, with a powerful sense of a dark family secret waiting to be uncovered, this book draws you in right from the start. Atmospheric and moving, it interweaves the thoughts and feelings of the characters as they experience the consequences of past actions.


When Ruth awoke the next morning...she called for her mama. I was sitting in the kitchen, waiting for the night to be over. My body had striven against me for sleep, for escape from the sores and bruises and the paining muscles, but whenever I closed my eyes, what I saw behind them was unbearable. In the daylight, I'd promised myself, everything would be different. They would find Mathilda in a neighbour's house, somewhere along the lake, or maybe even in the woods around the bay. She would be wet, maybe, or freezing. She might even have caught a chill. Her dress would certainly be ruined, but that would be the worst of it.


Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant by Anne Tyler
We Were the Mulvaneys by Joyce Carol Oates

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