Thraxas at War

by Martin Scott

This is an easy and amusing read, even for a non-reader of fantasy novels. I was drawn to the main character, the cynical, overweight Thraxas, and laughed at his sardonic comments on the behaviour of his friends and enemies. The parallels with our own society's ills are there, but always made with a light touch. The book is ultimately a humourous and entertaining journey into another world.


Makri shrugs. She can't seem to get used to the civilised habit of knocking on doors. I shouldn't be surprised. After two years in the city, she's still not great with cutlery. 'What did Hansius want?' I pick up my empty plate and brandish it. 'You see this stew? Deficient in every way. Taste, texture, presentation. All lacking. And you know why? I'll tell you why. Because Tanrose didn't cook it. And why is that? Because you advised her to leave the tavern.'


Colour of magic by Terry Pratchett
Trailblazers by Tom Holt

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