Snowflake Constant

by Peter Steohan Jungk

Mid-life crisis, angst over the meaning of life, running from - it's all here in a fast paced read, peopled with eccentric characters on the slope to a surreal world. A book that worms its way into your consciousness to do its work when you've finished it.


Shapes of cloud, colours and smells in the street, voices of people, all these he thought he was experiencing for the last time. On the Place de la Concorde a great tricolour was flapping in the wind, high up on a gable-top, its sound was like the crackling of a wet log on a hearth. Tigor stopped in his tracks and listened to it for minutes. When he leaned against the trunk of the elm in the Luxembourg Gardens again, he scratched open the soil, dug deeper, tore through roots, deeper, opened the earth with his bare hands, shoved his arm up to the elbow in the hole.
Translated by Michael Hofmann


Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles
Film Explainer by Gert Hofmann
Generation X by Douglas Coupland

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